HD Cycle | 100% Sweat!

HD Cycle is the newest addition to TSC Indoor Cycling line-up. Burn up to 1,000 calories per class in this non-stop rockout! Hills, strength exercises, hip hop movements and more are all elaborately thrown together in this mind blowing class you will not want to miss. You'll never experience anything else like it.

TSC | 100% Cycling

TSC - is a high energy "rock out" our version of a workout. Hills, intervals, sprints and full body exercises are thrown in the mix to make this a class you will not want to miss.

Rinse Cycle | 50% Spin - 50% Rowing

50% spin and 50% rowing this class is what full body classes were meant to be. You will burn fat and build lean muscle while working out to amazing music. If you're looking to tighten and tone overall without putting pressure on your joints this is the class for you!

Delicates | Beginner 30-Min Class

This is our low to moderate intensity beginner class designed for those that are new to spin, just off an injury or for those just looking to take it easy and have a great cardio workout.

Permanent Press | 50% Spin - 50% Strength

Here is where spin meets strength training. Light weights, body weight, TRX, resistance bands and more are thrown in the mix to have you building strength while you sweat the fat away. If you are looking for the best full body workout in the shortest time - this is it!